Monday, January 03, 2011


No matter the System,Man rules

In the West we can see for ourselves the major problems with capitalism. Should better democracies or socialism be the next step in trying to create a better world. I point out that no matter what form of society we live in, all social systems are run by individuals. To create a better world, instead of concentrating on systems like socialism, capitalism, or democracy, we should work to groom socially conscious individuals.

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Lunt's World

We need to do exactly that, Lloyd. No system of rules can make a better world; only we can.
Happy New Year Lloyd! Just got back home last night. Been away for a long holiday get-way w/ family. This Christmas, we realized our dream Christmas get-away at the Carmel Highland in California. We spent days among Monterey pines, Cypress trees & gorgeous ocean views. Wishing you success in writing your ART book. Let me know when you are finish. Hopefully to connect more this year.
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