Saturday, December 04, 2010


It has turned cold yesterday/ While waiting for a bus om Ogadan Av. The weather turned to snow! I went to the Train and puppet store. Naria went to Koles. Soon we ram back both very cold. Home sweet warm home.
The day before we went to a flower arrange class at the town Hall/ People Care spomsored it. About 60 people were there. All crazy wemen who talked too much. Maria said the flowers reminder her of cernerty. The dinner was Turkey soap. Girl Scouts served us. Yummy no love in my tummy!
Maria went to work at 530 this morning! She will gone for 4 days.
So today took bus to Target store. I bought Juice machine,roll pin,board,boots for Naria some groceries. I am tired and bored!
I used all my Birth Money!! Listening to old time radio. Thinl of you all. Amnd all your adventures …
PS Mail came Thanks for Gift
Heal much better VA now taking Care.
Neery Christmas.

Lloyd, I did not know you weren't feeling well. Would like to see you over the holidays. I have the week before Christmas off of work. Let me know if you'd like a visit. You have my email at the Chicago Public Library. Love Susan
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