Friday, December 10, 2010


Chris Cross

Chris Cross

I look at the trees in the wood.

What do I see, if I could?

Three trees standing tall, like a great wall.

Then I looked again, and did see?

One was like a tall father, a king of his relhm.

One was a mother, A queen of her world.

Also A small tree, An offspring of Hope!

All of them reaching for the sky!

Now I did not wonder why.

I understood and was filled with Glee!

the trees represented My life from Thee!


I feel a little better today.
Three days I suffered with my humen condition..
I had gone to Vets Hospital. I will not bore you.
After three days my gloom has lifted. Now I have revived myself. This was a accomplished by wearing a Santa hat nd call friends and wnemies . All I said to them was ‘ HO,HO,HO!!!’ Then quickly hanging up! Also all bill collectors. Then looking out the window at the woods I wrote this poem.

Hi Lloyd,
I am glad you're feeling better. Sorry that I haven't visited for a while. Been out of the country after Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I just posted my long Christmas blog & greetings. Take care!
I love what you have done here.
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