Tuesday, October 05, 2010


To Fan and Lover

Dear Fan and Lover
I miss you all!
This last three months have Unique.
As a church goers battle the devil, I do not judge my man, umfortumetly mama has many perversions. I have generate senior help blog.May be my warp drive can be direrected in the right dimemsion!

My body is becoming more bionic like the Borg! I could not all the new parts So all Additives are marked made in the U.S.A. My Bio recall was serviced ar Hines Vet Hospital. This is a greater rebuilder.
+ SARA - Scanning and Reading Appliance
I was introduced to a bew frieeindl\;\, S.A.R.A. I will show you her pinup. She has replaced one Jane Fonda.SARA - Scanning and Reading Appliance
“This machine has given me back my library, and would also serve to restore my newspaper, if it were not that I have given up reading newspapers. It reads letters so long as they are not handwritten. I spend hours every week with SARA and have read more books in the last month than I usually read when my eyes were young and healthy.

Hi Lloyd!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Sorry for being quiet. Just came back from a trip to San Francisco.
I am still busy w/ travels, organizing & lately lots of doctors visit. I haven't started painting yet.
Love reading this new post. Like you I contiunue to be bionic with my implanted cochlear & lens implants. Have fun w/ your new girl friend -S.A.R.A.
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