Sunday, August 15, 2010


RPC `123 A directory for Senior health care,Chicago Area,S.W.

This is a New Blog for the Chicago South West Area. Take a look.

RPC 123
a senior helper You are visiting a site, devoted to facts, link and addresses relating to seniors. Seniors and Caregivers will be able to use this site as a Directory. The Directory will contain where and how to. No political opinions or fantasy. will appear upon this site. Questions, comments, answers and articles can be submitted. This is not a social site!! The object of this web site is to improve body, mind and spirit by providing useful information.
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Very, very cool, Lloyd.
Hi Lloyd! You must be very busy w/ your new RPC 123 blog. I am sure you have may blogs to leave behind. I couldn't even catch up w/ my one blog.
llyod, great sketches lately. very intresting drawings. you make me want to draw and paint, too. :D
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