Wednesday, July 21, 2010



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Mark Zuckerberg: Quote for Wednesday July 21, 2010
We built Facebook around a few simple ideas. People want to share and stay connected with their friends and the people around them. If we give people control over what they share, they will want to share more. If people share more, the world will become more open and connected. And a world that's more open and connected is a better world. These are still our core principles today.
-- Mark Zuckerberg
Does a more socially connected world, really mean a better world, or a more mediocre, easier to control world?Go Back

Love the illustration, Lloyd. I hear from many people that FB is "damaging." I am there and feeling what they mean. Yeesh. Better to be blogging, where some thought goes into the product.
Hi Lloyd! Just dropping by to say hi! Been a while since I visited. Now that I am settling down slowly in our new cozy condo here in San Diego, I will be more connected. I am glad to know you keep updating your blog. I haven't updated mine for a while. Moving kept me extremely busy.I am now organizing my arts stuffs & pretty soon will be back to oil painting.I missed painting.
I have lots of friends & family members insisting that I joined the FB, but I was not interested.
I don't even have time to blog anymore, why add FB to my life? Regards!
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