Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A walk

Lloyd Bradbury Page 1 5/18/2010

Rich called that the bridge over the Deplanes River was blocked too traffic. So giving me a ride to church was out. I told him to say a prayer for me.
I was quires. Why was the bridge closed?
Sincedeessed why not walk over there.

I walked down West 39 Street.
It was a wonderful bright warm and sunny day.
The birds were singing. The leaves were waving. There were some wild flowers supplying themselves.

I noticed the white meat wagon. They were loudening a dead Nan. The Hoffman had caught another one. Twice this week.

Policemen crossed me ocher the bridge, in church said some prayers and listened to a sermon about the end of the world.
One must fight
The demons
Of fear

Purpose not clear
Why we here
Kiss me dear

Three years ago
We and not I
I sat on the bench waiting for the train
I rembered my appoimtmem
It was aith my mimister
I told my troubles
He sayed ā€œ Think WE not Iā€
I returned to the bemch
Amtrak wizzed by at 60
I stood up and went home

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