Saturday, May 29, 2010


My Storm

Lloyd, welcomed for his first group meeting, introduced himself. He is a writer of poetry and short stories, and an artist who happens to be blind. He has an Internet blog which can be accessed via a link he will include in a reply to emails sent to: Lloyd has taught electrical engineering and also served as a technical sergeant in the Army. For his key concept, Lloyd said, "Recognition. I want to recognize myself. I want to improve my body, mind and soul. And, by improving that, other people will recognize that I am an individual and a person." He is an avid reader, storyteller and listener who hopes to bring joy to others as a result of improving himself. Lloyd mentioned that one means of communicating with others is through his art and his writings. One current, practical challenge he is facing is to transfer audio cassette recordings of his short stories to audio CDs, so he can easily distribute his writings to others. The group brainstormed ideas to bring about this result. Commercial audio duplicating services are an option, depending on financial considerations. Another option is to transcribe the cassettes into text using a keyboardist/proofreader, then to have the text read onto recordable CDs.

That is one dramatic painting. Lloyd, I admire your work so much. They are so full of soul, so real.
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