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Wild Ones

We mocked from Morganville to Farmingdale New Jersey. I was Thirteen years old, a teenager.

The town was a freight stop for the Penn. Railroad. The town had one Main St. With three roads crossing it. On Main Street there were three churches, a Drug store, mad a doctor residence. Also om the stree were clothinimg store. I do not remember a dood store. The only other business was the frieght station. The hhones were scattered about nain street . The other roads lead to farms.

My Dad , sister and mozed intoved into an old house on Main Street. I trmember a drafty old house. We had no radio or tv. I do npt rember having a meal there. It seemed to eat at other people places. My dad had meny girl friends.

It was a Jersey summer,hot amd hunid. The farmers always beeded extra hands. But there were the weej encs.
I descovered three were three teenagers in town. So we all hung out in frnt at connies drug store. We matched and pitched pennies for hours. We though of the drug store for not paying fot the magagazines we read. We got tired of cherry cokes.

One night we decided to go for a walk.
The fist we cane upon was a monumento Nr Luntz. He was the founder of this merserable town. We push it over. Our reigh of terror begain.

The storm is in the city
It covers what is pretty
Dust blows thru town
The horsemen around
I tremble

[LIB2] Note... After only 1600 Population



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