Monday, April 12, 2010


1Second part of chicken soap

Page 2CHICKEN SOUPI was quite good at taking care of these chickens. I feed,watered and doctored them. So good
a job it brought more boxes of them. In a short time there were many chickens everewhere.My day began with with running for food an water Then after school I was molded any these 299 chickens. They would run at me flopping at me in there chicken voice. I was chicken attacked.As they grew, They became my friends. I looked forward to seeing each day.I came from school one day. The chickens were nowhere to be found. Where are my chickens!Nye DAD explained “ the chickens went to the soup company”.So mow you know why I do not like chicken soup from a can!
Lloyd, thank you so much for the chicken soup story at the open mic. It was great and the audience was enraptured!

I'll catch up with you at church,

docmoreau has left a new comment on your post "The Ugly Fish": Right now I'm listening to "Prairie Home Companion" and I think you're probably listening too. Perhaps your new connection with Art will be in print. I listened to your stories often at the café. It's time to use them as a pallet for stories to tell us. Posted by docmoreau to Lloyd's Art Info at 3:15 PM

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