Saturday, June 20, 2009


Arlimg Heights

Today I explored Arlington Heighten Where there are great restaurants but nigh nature. I beat my way back to the woods It took some trim to Chicago another train to the north. I started at ( and back at 5 It was very hot and I felt liker walked there!!
Picture to folloe!
But do not look for Bsthrooms at Chicago Suds On SATURDAY or Sundays.

Bathrooms at the train stations do not exist other themen Union statiom and Oglevie transpot station evem the eks do not have any ecept at lake street! and just having prostrate surgery I left my boundry makerb everwhere.

Very funny about the bathrooms. Some places make it very difficult to visit by not having public bathrooms.
Finding the loos in cities can be a miserable experience.

I hope your adventure was good.
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