Wednesday, June 17, 2009


ABladder Afair or too much imformation

The Bladder Affair
After three procedures and one prostrat operation I was told ny bladder was dead.
After another test procedure, I had a chace to pee on my own. All they would do is put two wires in my back . Then hook up a shocker. This machine would mount outside my body. If after some time they would kow that it worked. Then the doctor state “If my bladder spring into operating, we wll imstall the exciter.”
This would require a hospital operation
He said” ypu have a 65 persen t chance it would work.
“Ok” I said “As lomg as you provide as lomg as you provide a plug for my mike. So I can sing to it” go bladder, Go”

That's very funny.
I am glad you continue to be cheery despite of all procedures, machine, shocker and plug. Keep on singing to your mike.
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