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Dear Lloyd,
The information which I told you about is from "Cosmic Codes" by Dr. Chuck Missler. The book is an interesting book that explores the information sciences on our understanding of the Bible including the highly controversial "equidistant letter sequences" discovered in the Bible. There was a frivilous book entitled"The Bible Codes" which did little to enhance the believability of the subject, but I digress. The name I was looking for is NACHMONIDES. The following is a quote from the end notes on Nachmonides.

The ancient Hebrew scholar Nachmonides,writing in the 12th century, concluded from his studies of Genesis that the universe has ten dimensions, only four of which are knowable, with six beyond our knowing. It is interesting that particle physicists today have concluded that we live in ten dimensions. Three spacial dimensions and time are directly measurable. The remaing six are "curled" in less than 10 to the -33cm. and are only inferable by indirect means.
Dr Miller
I hope this is helpful to you. I'm sure you could gather more information by googling "Nachmonides"
Thamks for this Information
I beleave our self dwels in three dimensions Body,mind and soul. The other demension around us soon will br revealed to us.
These will include the external self which would us to travel in all dimemsions.

Makes me want to know more about this dude.
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Hi sandy I am in the process of an insperational nook adout our self. this is part of my reasearch. Can I use sone of your posts at

Makes me want to know more about this dude.
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