Saturday, April 18, 2009


Past, Present, Future

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Centuryby Thomas L. Friedman
In America I have seen wars econic hills and vallies. these ups and downs seem to occur every ten years. how does the next generation like your sons and us of other cope with theae events..
THIS BOOK written a few years ago reflects on the changes that we will have to cope with,
In the last 3 decades we have the great changes in the world, Our news input has been mainly local. The changes in the world have not been reported. Most of us that determines Amerias prosperty have been indiferemt to these changes,
We suffer now by our collective narrow insight,
Our children must not be ill prepared,f0r the global changes to come.
This book may awake you to cope with social coditions past,present and future.
Thia not a radical book but a book of factual knowledge.

I remember now Lloyd why your book rang a bell. The author wrote another excellent book, "Hot, Flat and Crowded". I think I read that one last year...
Anyway, I ordered it from the library so will listen to it while I paint, (wonder how it will affect my painting?) Hope you pick up your brushes's a great day to get to work in the studio!

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