Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sorry that I will not be there Sunday

Sorry that I will not be there Sunday

The ancients thought that the breath of life was your soul

My demons are attacking and testing me.

I know the body is not the soul

Then why do I ask God to heal my Body

This week came another health event

I developed high fever, sweats. And pain

My leg was infected

I am diabetic, my sugar very high

Fear griedd me. I liked to walk

But then I thought my soul was not in trpuble, jost my body

I was not afraid

The Doctor did his work and with treatment and a special boot I will be soon walking

This event gave me a greater understanding of self and God.


I am with you, Lloyd. Health problems are nightmares. I am glad you got the care you needed.
hugs to you Lloyd and prayers too. I hope you will be feeling better soon
I am praying for good health for you. Friends support each other.
Have a nice Valentine's day despite of the pain. Pls. don't eat too much cake and ice cream.
I hope you feel better Lloyd. I tried calling you but couldn't get through. Perhaps you were busy healing. Let me know if there is anything you need and I will pass it on to the deacons. Sending my prayers and healing vibes your way!
Lloyd, sorry to hear of your health struggles, but confident that your strong spirit will bring your body's healing powers to bear so that with the medical attention and your love for life everything will be all right. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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