Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Artist About Winsome's Art

The Artist has left a new comment on your post "ebb Tide A friends Great Art": Hi Lloyd, calling over to say hi and am sorry to hear you are unwell. I will put you in my prayers. Thank you so much for putting a link to `The Artist' on your site. I am now well and have just opened a blog that can be accessed through that site.Wanted to share with the beginning of my new works and say thank you again for your special friendship,best wishes, The Artist

dear Friend I can not find your blog,Help me Please LLOYD
Thabks Ebb Tide Now where do you leave a comment for her?

Hi Lloyd! Need help to connect to The Artist. Just click "The Artist" on your link site. It will take you to her blog.
Lloyd-You click "The Artist" website on your link. Then on the first page (welcome page) go down below and click "GUESTBOOK." You can contacr her and leave a comment. I hope this helps.
Thanks for keeping us up to date about this lovely artist!
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