Thursday, January 01, 2009


Say I Love You with Kindness

kindness is important, that as much as we might know about someone, there is plenty we don't know, that we can't begin to imagine the effect of our words so we must choose them carefully, that silence is a gift only when we are present to give it. That loving our friends is a priority, not something to do when there is nothing else to do. That kindness is everything. Experiences like this one have taught me:Be kind.Be honest.Be kind.Be open.Be kind.Be generous.Be kind.Be loving.Be kind.Be humble.Be kind.Read everything. Twice. With heart. Never forget the power of touch even if you have to use words. And be kind. And happy new year, dear friends.
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Thanks for lifting this up, Lloyd. Happy new year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO! Thanks for the e-card. I took a break and pop-out all the baloons. It was fun. Been a busy holiday season. Spent Christmas time in San Diego and also at Disneyland. I just posted my New Year's greeting a while ago.
What a great statement to launch the New Year Lloyd! May we all remember to just BE! And let the good spirit mould our souls!
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