Wednesday, July 09, 2008


About the Story

You create a powerful, palpable atmosphere, Lloyd.
# posted by SandyCarlson : 4:42 PM
2,925 words is a long story. Being too busy, reading this took a while. I read this like a banana split. I came back to read the other half this morning. Nice story w/ moral lesson about revenge.
# posted by Ebb Tide : 9:19 AM

Yes, The story is long for thje net. What I wanted to illustrate another emotion I could set to a painting. It took me three times to read it. My attention span seems to be limited by my blogreading of the written word. Thanks for your indulgence.

I like the way you write to get to your painting.
I also came back a few times to finish reading it. It was worth it. Very nice story!
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