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Different perspective....By MARTY FARMER, Contributing Writer

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Brushing up: Lloyd Brabury’s work will be auctioned off during the Riverside Junior’s "Battle of the Brews" Friday night.
Courtesy of lloyd bradburyArtful: Bradbury’s brushwork creates impressionistic images—"landscapes, nature, animals and people inspired by his emotional state at the time."Different perspectiveBlind artist Lloyd Bradbury uses emotionBy MARTY FARMER, Contributing Writer
Considering that Lyons artist Lloyd Bradbury likes to post a quote of the day on his blog [], perhaps a wise aphorism from his No. 1 fan and wife, Maria, most suitably describes his highly expressive artistic style.
"In your dreams, you can see," said Maria Bradbury. "When you are awake, you can't see anything. Your dreams see everything."
Welcome to the fantastic world of Lloyd Bradbury's abstract art. With apologies to the Chicken Soup series, Bradbury's "Surrealism for the Soul" approach to painting has essentially saved his life, while simultaneously providing countless viewers compelling art for thought.
"Art saves," said Bradbury, a legally blind artist who has sold over 100 paintings. "I used art as rehabilitation. It was an expression of self for me, and self had taken a pretty good beating."

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