Saturday, March 29, 2008



Many of you still don't know how to input their comments. I'd like also to get feed backs from my viewers who are not blogger. Typing your comment is a simple process. After reading my post, you'll notice that at the very end, there's the word "COMMENT." Click on "COMMENT" and wait a few seconds. The comment box will appear. On the right side, please leave and type your comment on the enclose small box. Then you go down. Later you'll be ask to type some letters as you see them. You will also be ask to choose an identity. If you're not a blogger, identify yourself as anonymous or some other name like James or Joy. You can preview your comment by clicking preview. Later, when all is set, you hit "PUBLISH." Your comment will be publish upon my approval. It takes practice and patience to learn this process. I look forward to hearing from my other viewers. It will help me improve the content of my art blog if I know what my viewers wanted to read and see. THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

I borrowed these instructions from ForeverArt click on left side bar to view this great blog or

This is very helpful information, especially for non-blogging visitors, for whom all of this can be daunting.
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I just got back last night from a short week-end trip to San Diego. Don't worry about stealing my lines or instructions on how to input comments. I hope this will help your viewers too.
Thanks for visiting my blog again. I look forward to seeing your 2 new paintings. You paint so fast. What subject are you painting? Not monsters, huh? I am also busy doing a dozen paintings but not ready to show them to the public. I'd like to have my first one-woman-art show this comming September. This week I am slowing down due to a severe pain on my upper right leg. Needs lots of bed rest.
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