Monday, March 10, 2008


Auction of Lady In The Water, Riverside IL.

I painted three paintings for an auction. This is one of them.One was titled under the sea, The shark, Lady in the water. The one you are missing is called under the sea.

You're a wonderful blog-mate. What I said in my blog is true. When I look at your paintings the colors bring lots of joy to me. This is another joyful painting of yours. The purple and yellow are very alive. Love those complimentary colors and adding some reddish and aqua made it more vibrant. I went a bit of snorkeling in Hawaii two years ago, but didn't see many colors as beautiful as this.
When and where is the auction? What's the size of this painting?
Can I bid? I'd like to own one of your painting. Or can we exchange?
this is a very beautiful piece, llyod!!! i really like it. =D
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