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Expressionism: Any art that stresses the artist's emotional and psychological expression, often with bold colors and distortions of form. Specifically and art style of the early 20th century followed principally by certain German artists.
Impressionism: An art movement which took its name from one particular painting by Claude Monet, Impression: Sunrise of 1872. Arising out of the naturalism of the Realists, as well as an interest in the transitory experience of light and color on objects, Impressionism did two distinct things to painting: it elevated color to the status of subject matter, liberating the artist's marks from previous craft constraints, and it inadvertently asserted painting's relationship to the flat surface.
Formalism: The aesthetic arrangement of shapes, colors, and forms . (The formal elements of art)
Cubism: The first art movement of the 20th century systematically to reconsider the conventions of painting since the Renaissance. Such work is epitomized by the severe flattening of the space across the picture plane, a consistently inconsistentlight source, and an imploding of the traditional fore-, middle and background areas in painting composition.
Surrealism: A literary and visual art movement interested in unleashing and exploring the potential of the human psyche. Loosely based on both Freud's and Jung's investigations into the mind, it is also direct heir of earlier Dada strategies of unlocking of the unconscious by the use of chance.
Pop Art: (Popular Culture)- The elements of society that are recognized by the general public. Popular Culture has the associations of something cheap, fleeting and accessible to all.
Abstract Expressionism: A common appelation for the first generation American abstract painting after the Second World War, due to the primary of gesture and color while keeping consistent with the aims of formalism (the all-over application of paint and the dispersal of depth across the surface of the picture plane).
The use of all multimedium to express self. Expessing all modern art techniques as learned by a self taught artist.

Hi! Thanks for brushing up my memory about all those art movements and styles. Actually my favorite is Imprsessionism. Love those passionate colors. My favorite male artist is Van Gogh, one of the Impressionists artists. My favorite female artist is Georgia O'keffee. Will be watching closely your art style- Lloydism. It sounds interesting- expressing one's art in multi-media with modern concept. When you say using multimedium, does it mean you could mix water-color, oil and acrylic on one canvas together? Let's spread your new art style.
Not only mixed medium, but mix the methods of the modern artist. The contempery art to express self needes all tool avaiable. No only to express self but to communicate self to others.
You're right! Lately, I am using all kinds of pallete knives to apply oil paints. Like the textures. I also use bamboo stick. I use the round end for making dots.I am also thinking of experimenting with my make-up brushes that's just laying around my drawer. Will see what these make-up brushes will produce. This is thinking outside the traditional artist box, huh?
I'm glad you placed yourself in the timeline of art history. It's important to see ourselves as part of a story rather than observers. I like what you're doing.
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