Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Charcoal of Old

white caharcoal on black.... Story to follow
Denise Belezzo (There is no such thing as a straight line) was my artist instructor at Morton colleg. I inquired about to drawing courses offered by the college. These are the few courses I have ever taken. I think one must draw before painting.
But when I told them I could not see, I was asked how I could do the course. I told them they would be surprised.
I tock the courses and got As One of my painting won a prize, It was called BAG flowers.
My technique was to feel they objects to be drawn on the table Transfer the picture to my mind then draw it. The result was a surrelrealistic representation.
These two classes form the base of my expression in my paintings which are emotional dreams of the worked around me.

Looks like satin.
Can't wait for the story. This is great!
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