Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Flowers of GOD

The last few weeks my mine dreams of flowers. It seems that my fellow artist bloggers do too. Most of them have included this colorful natural sperit, a show of life regeneration.They remind us of the flying flowers called buterflys and birds. Why not get in the mood of with these pleasant colors of life

Try It You will like it ! I will with butterfly or bird folded in two with the color of the beasts and then the classic colors

Winsome Gunning Art Walk
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Creative Color Exercise

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog.
I am sending those flowers to you as lucky charm. Wishing you"Happy Painting Times" this year.
hi llyod! i love flowers, too. and i love winsome gunning. :) hehe. have a wonderful week!

by the way, that's an interesing painting down there.
I have just had a watercolored art book read to me I will review it. It is all about flower painting
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