Sunday, January 20, 2008



Traditional Oil Painting by Virgil Elliott
This book contains advanced techniques and concepts from the Renaissance to the present. There is no index for any certain painting, but rather detailed descriptions of certain technique the artist used in order to achieve the over all look of the painting. For example the book does not go into great detail about Rembrant’s self portrait (1628) other than to emphasize the technique of scratching off paint to highlight his hair. For those searching for new oil techniques this may be the book for you.
..............................................THANKYOU lAURA

sounds like a good book. i reall wanna learn to do oil... :) thank you for sharing, llyod. i'm googling it up right now.
Always discover something new and interesting on your site.
Will try this new technique on some of my new paintings - scratching off paint to highlight the hair.
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