Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Help Me!

This painting is driving me mad you can see a frazled Lloyd This beast is is in pain today He sliped on the ice and pull a rib out of place! His roar is heared at Swinging Bridge!

my painting dwells in my mind
To my fingers it does not find..
MY thoughts whirls around.
destractions they do abound
So faith must be found
So I surly pray
God give me another day


I have the same prayer too. Lots of ideas to paint but distractions and interuptions abound. Been very cold and raining hard here in So. Ca., for 3 days in a row. I need the sun to paint. Waiting for the beautiful sun to come out.
I see a piece here that is becoming wonderful. There are two dreams in one--fishing and being among the trees! Hang in there, Lloyd!
I am sorry that you can't get your message thru my blog. I have a new server which is making me crazy. They told me that my comments and others couldn't be delivered but I was able to publish the. Pls. ignore it when you get undeliverable meassage for now. Will che ck what's going on with my comment box. Don't worry, you'll get thru all your distractions. The cold weather and rainny days is a blessing in disguise. Couldn't go out and I am able to finish outlining 5 huge canvasses. I am happy w/ the results.
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