Wednesday, December 05, 2007



The winter storm at Riverside, Riverside Lawan and Lyons Il.We had 4 Inches of snow and its 25 degrees F. It seem like we only had a week of fall. The desplay of leaf colors were short. I took digital pics but yesterday moved computer and can not find cord to download. also my scanner quit. Winter seemed to start Friday . The Christmas holidy walk was cold and windy. The village is small but the children were everywhere. At the car repair there was a large train layout of Lineol train, a slead and poney rides and a triolly to the Mall at North Riverside. Also a wood carver using a chain saw. The Art council displayed members art. I display a painting called AT. Nick. I also had an exhibit at the township hall. I WILL UPLOAD PICW AS SOP
David Moreausee all of his phoios

That's really beautiful, Lloyd! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you're having a blessed season!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. No wonder, you have been silent for a while.Enjoy the holiday with the beautiful sound of that bargain piano. I am not dreaming of a white Christmas but it's good to know you're surviving the snow storm.
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