Monday, November 26, 2007
David Moreausee all of his phoios

Happy day! God bless, Lloyd. You're lookign well, and so's your work!
Happy birthday, Lloyd! What a nice birthday photo! The colorful painting on your left looks great and the lady on your right is lovely with the beautiful lighted cake in front. Wishing you more birthdays to come.
Happy birthday, Lloyd!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment so I knew you'd been there. With a great attitude like yours, I hope you'll come back more often!
Hi Lloyd! How was your celebration?Any birthday news to share?
Happy birthday Lloyd, and I wish you a wonderful year to come.

What a beautiful photo and what a special cake.
there are no flowers here today! very icy storm nested in bunker listening to all the car craches

Comment by Lloyd Bradbury | December 2, 2007
happy birthday!!! that cake looks soooo yummy! :)
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