Monday, October 01, 2007


A tree like me

A tree with no leaves
prayed to GOD>Please give ne stars:
The next day the tree had apples on its branches.
the tree lost faith in God.
but along came the wind and blew the leaves and apples from the tree.
The tree then looked down at the leaves that had changwd to beuriful colors.
then the tree was amazed when it saw a split apple and a star was within.

Great poem. Still looking for my star.
we all have a star called self in us givenby God
you ate my star i look for you
A wonderful poem. This summer, my girls and I just discovered the secret of the apple's inner star, so I actually know what you're talking about!
It's a matter of knowing where to look or accepting that for a times things necessarily remain hidden! Great poem, Lloyd. Thanks for giving it to the world!
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