Friday, September 07, 2007


A sketch for fun

I went to Grumpies today via the Library. It is raining in spurts. The rain is almost invisiable due to the bright sun shinning thru it all.The bug air force is out to defend the woods. There were even puddles on the swing bridge.Last night at 3 Am on Public radio I heard a book review. The title was "The End of the World" Haruki Murakami Author.So I took out a book by him.called BLIND WILLOW SLEEPING WOMEN..I will have someone read it to me.The quick sketch was for fun and how I felt as I walked thru the woods!Now I will Gesso some new canvas. Yes Sandy I did paint on some ceramic plates. Must find them to show you Be Cheery ,all.The Dreaming Artist

Hey Lloyd.
I'd love to see the plates.

This is a fun picture, to be sure. I admire your ability to capture your feelings in this way.
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