Friday, September 07, 2007


My note pad.

We three trees of Orean and are We vhave not traveled a far.Moor and mountain,field and ...

You have a very good sense of humor. Imagine, turning a Christmas song "We 3 Kings" into a
description of your tree sketches. Thank for filling our artist world with laughter. How are you coming along with your Caribbean paintings?
Like Gaugan I would paint on the wall of my apartment, but There I would run out of wall and ceiling. Already the wall are full of hanging about 50 paintings. So I must get more platforms for my art. I will find three canvas fo the series of crusing foe a brusen tropical asrt inspire by you EBBTIDE
I love your artwork. I wish your designs were printed on fabric. Seems to me they were made for some good linen!

I enjoy your sense of humor on this one, and the one below makes me want to hear the rest of the story.

Your talent is a blessing in my life. Thanks for sharing.
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