Monday, September 03, 2007

I need some help.
I have to finish several paints before I start my major project.
This project is a Aurel of Riverside IL. Actually it will encompass three communities. They will be Lyons,Riverside lawn and Riverside Village.
My paintings will be on four separate mountings. Of 2x4 panels. The mountings will host the Acrylic medium.
Now here is my deli ma What mounting material should I use? Stretched canvas, stryafhoam, wood or something else can be used with a Gestapo coating. The other considerations are weir]t durability and surface texture, also a major concern is cost,
Many of you as Grists have more experience then I. My fans and collector may have a preference of backings.
Any suggestions? I have done a lot of research on what I will paint that is not a problem. I have not tried such a large and intense project. The mounting of the work is cortical. Any suggestions? This is all done on my own with no sponsors. It is my own crusade

You can get backing frames made for
particle board.

You need a good handy man to do this.

If made correctly these are a strong and economical basis for paintings, although heavier than canvas to hang and transport.

Several coasts of gesso will seal the particle board.

Costings from your local hardware will let you know if this is an economical option.

Perhaps you could a few small boards made up to see if you like painting on this surface and how costings compare with other options.
Just came back from a long week-end trip to San Diego, Ca. I wish I can suggest something to help you with your dilemna but I have no experience in mounting paintings. Your short poem, "I Wonder" is nice and your new spider painting. Love the purple flowers.
Thank you for your thoughtful comments and am hoping to create changes next year.
I'm no artist, but I love your work and wonder if you ever paint on ceramic?
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