Sunday, August 05, 2007


sketch for [painting

What do you see?

What do I see? All kinds of eyes- wandering eyes, thinking eyes and imaginative eyes. I drop an invite last time that I'd like you to be one of my blog-mates. can you link my site to blog too?
Dear Ebb Tide I will try to link u tonight but it is a chore for me i did not forget but imust paint a new picture tonight as well and pay bill,etc Everything i do takes alot of energy itkink more than most. I just put another picture op at freash express i have sold and the nineth is closing tim,e
I will tonight
Thanks! I will link you to my blog too.
What a wonderful free feeling in your new image.
I see faces, birds and this plant called geraniums or i am just wrong.
Lilies and lily pads in a liquid sky and hungry faces that want to gobble them up!
Even eye must look twice for i seenot what i paint
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