Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A few days ago, I decided to visit Marija. It was a hot day of over 90 degrees. My attire was a T-shirt, jean shorts, high white socks. Sandals and cane.
The doors of my bunker slammed shut as i left my bunker. My apartment is located on the backside of a hill. A square concreate structure with high small windows, a thick glass patio door (made for an atomic attack),and solid large oak doors.

I walked from Lyons across the street to Riverside Lawn. I stumbled on a a road that was last fixed in the 70's,
Riverside Lan has homes surrounded by trees.
It is unincorporated, cottage homes were built as summer homes in the early 1900's. The few streetsltad to a forest trail,

The Trail is a short path tin a wild woods. It is a last stand of nature. The forest path is part of a larger forest preserve along the DesPlains River.

Riverside was founded in rghe 1870's Many upscale homes dot the village Many trees and small parkes surround the homes of the affluent. There is a golf course nearby.
I am headed for the train station. There is a METRA every hoir to Chicago's Union Station.; It is 9 dclock.

Uh O it is CUBS DAY!

I call Marija on cell phone. And tell her I will meet her at 6 PM. So I go home and take a nap. IdDecided to start again at 3. But before that let's stop atGRumps for coffee.

To be continued...........................

It is now 3 and am heading for the Train at Riverside.I put on my bug apray. So that the ticks, inch mites,and other bugs don'eat me. The inch mites are even in the city now. It seems to be a new bug that cannot find it's natural host so it bites us. see them at;
The cause of the region's mite bite outbreak has experts scratching their heads.
Chicago Daily Herald

I don;t know if iam being posioned by the spry or mother nature!!

At the village ......

Before I boarded the train, I wanted a snack. A sandwich was on my mind. I wanted a 7am sandwich! So the FRESH Express Café was my destination. The 7AM sandwich is served every day at all times. It is egg, cheese, bacon served on baggel. Now on to the train

Hi! I am reading your post over a cup of cold cofeee "frappucino, " a Starbucks drink. It's so hot here, at 100 degrees. I wouldn't dare go out there. Good to know you're going out and taking a breather after selling lots of painting.
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