Monday, July 16, 2007


who was it?

t?As you know by now the swinging bridge goes to a fores ttrail. Not many people seem to walk it. I do every day since it is a short cut to my home.I stayed in my bunker on the forth of July. The next day towatd dusk, I ventured out, wearing my revelutionary cap. This hat was worn by the people during the time of war with Great Britan.
It is now a few days later, I came home late because I had missed the train from Chicago. So I took the late train. I arrived at about 11pm in Riverside. It was very dark and no one was about, after the train left. Going thru the deserted village I went to use the trail home.
The bridge was lite by two street lamps. Using the light as guides I continued.When I reached the forest it was very dark in places. In one of these places I stopped to get my barings. I used my stick to feel the trail’s path.
Suddenly a voice from th darkness said”Can I help you!” I was startled ! The female voice said “be not afraid.” I answered " I just wanted to go home. Tireredly I told her “I was ok”Then I saw a faint light thru the trees. I stumbled toward it. Sundenly I was out of the dark forest. I then found myself on my street home. From the direction of the forest I heard lafter of a young woman. Then I froze and a question came to my mind! What was a young woman doing in the forest at midnight?

Interesting! Lloyd, I am always out for a walk, even in the dark late at night. Loosens up my mind. I've come to realize that's not always a smart move! But then, 99 44/100% of the people of this world are good...
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