Tuesday, July 24, 2007



That drawing is beautiful.

You did so well with your show and I do know it is often hard to let paintings go, but being an artist is about sharing your inspiration and now those works are out there being enjoyed others.

The gap they leave will inspire other works.
This image reminds me of one of your pieces in the gallery--the man between the buildings who is dancing and becoming larger than anything on the horizon. Here I see him but I also see flowers looking at each other. Very provocative!
Definitely no anger in your special work and mine has gone now too.
I do hope you are hearing that silence, best wishes, Greenearth.
I hadn't noticed the frame last time I visited. I like it. I like the way it divides the canvas and brings my eye into the embrace of this object. And the yellow is so very upbeat.
Wow. That's great! The picture touches the heart. It looks unforgettable.
I see two pictures there: halftones of the framing reveals the portrait that looks at me from under the main drawing and they both so perfectly blend into one other - the sense of the incredible purity pierces me while viewing your artwork. The miraculous warmth embraces me and I want to welcome your picture as my best friend - it seems I am looking at myself in a literal sense of a word.
My deepest respect and the hot applause. Thank you.
Plant man loves you all
I am busyly working on s series of plant man looking at our world. maybe a mew blog
I am busyly working on s series of plant man looking at our world. maybe a mew blog
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