Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The last stand for both of US

I have moved to lyons and walk thru Riverside Lawn across a swinging bridge to Riversidr Village.. Yes, this poem is about an actual place. Will it still exist in Your time my children?

U used to live un a cave of steel where nature was not quite realso u moved to a bunker in the hillwhere the forest was. wild trees crouded a trail across a river dale. natures last standI now walk in this place to get to another spaceAcross a swing bridge that links two timesOne of future, one of past.Whereone can see natures last.The river under the bridge cuts the ridgewherefish in the river still jumpto be caught by a fisherman on a stump.The bait for a humen dump.Many bird fly this way singing of another dayOn one side they are free the other side there is no treea reminder what is to be.all people to pass this way.will they see the time of dayOr will there children's mind only cream of this

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