Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I got up late today I painted at night look at it saw a skull so I dud my bills fell asleep I awoke and it was cold left air on. Lady brought cookies for a good deed. She stored some groceries in frig when hers went out.Maybe I need to walk!

I just came back from my walk. It was almost dusk. The sun was setting. I heard the water rushing by the swing bridge. The heat from water bathed me. A sunset sprinkled me with light.
Along came a mother and carrage. She stopped with babby and another small child. They all giggled and played looking at the wter below. The darkness was apon us.
Growing tired I started home. Were the sounds that I had heard ghosts of the past? I walked quickly toward my home. The birds had stopped singing and all I could hear now was the fireworks in the distance.

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