Sunday, July 29, 2007


What a surprise! Are you fully or partially blind? You're such an inspiration especially when I found out your paintings are selling like hotcakes. I am a partially deaf artist and could relate to people with disability. Congrats!
I have one eye it see 20/500 orless dependinding on light, not brightness but definition the best time for me iw very late at night i am a diebetic and hcve three stents in my heart.
You are what you think you are! I AM A PAINTER!!
Wow, with all those obstacles you could still be a good painter and an ispiration. You're the kind of blog mate that I like to link with my site. Can I link you? Can you link me too on your blog? Thanks whatever you decide to do.
Hi Lloyd,

I just wanted to thank you again for meeting with me for the interview
for my story. I hope you were happy with how it turned out. I also
wanted to let you know that I bought your "Tree House" painting as a
birthday present for my girlfriend. She's moving into a new apartment
next month, and I thought it would look great on the wall.

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Yes I will link u check back and bug me this week my exibit ends and it takes time for me to set up link
Lloyd, I had no idea. This makes me appreciate your work even more... in its wonderful brilliance.
no walk today its too darn hot even the birds arequite
Thanks for posting this. You are an inspiration, to be sure. God bless.
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