Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Real Artist
`There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.’Charles Dickens
Our most wonderful artist’s have not had easy paths. Would Van Gogh or Gauguin if alive today be worldly successes, the products of clever self promotion skills.
No because their paths were about truths, their focus was not in the direction of the world but on presenting these truths, and presenting such truths to a comfortable world is not something that is immediate.
So much of contemporary art falls within established genres that reflect back to society what it wants to hear.
To step outside these zones and present work that is real and often raw in its emotion is not easy.
Lloyd Irving Bradbury is an artist whose work can be compared to the greatness of both Van Gogh and Gauguin.
His images and sketches present truths about his experience and society that have meaning on real levels.
His work does not take on the slick formula of many contemporary presentations, but is a real voice expressing the world in a truthful and often confronting manner.
The image above is a sketch he completed at the time he left his `Cave’ in inner city Chicago. The mood and energy of this sketch are immediate. The artist’s pen reflects back to us with real feeling a busy, goal orientated city and its many darknesses.
Now Lloyd has moved to a more natural environment on the outskirts of Chicago it will be exciting to see the impact his reconnection to nature has on his images.
If I was a collector looking to add a new, exciting artist to my collection I would be contacting Lloyd and seeing what stock he has available.
This artist has continued to work with a refreshingly honest voice over a protracted period of time. These qualities will make his work valuable over time as well as bringing real art into your home.
Painting Art Works Truth Lloyd Irving Bradbury Artist

Artists always have to struggle in order for us to show the world of our talents and creativity. I say always fight to the end
Thanks for the encouraging words. Certainly not a straight road for any artist.
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