Tuesday, June 12, 2007


On the walk I hear it all!

On the trail from Lyons thru Riverside Lawn across the swinging bridge to Riverside I hear them all.
Then I fear no evil,for God is with us all.

I enjoy these drawings. They remind me of fabrics--toilles, I think--that my grandmother had. They always told stories!
Your news is so exciting. Your work is great and it is so good it will be out there in your new community.
A swinging bridge... there's poetry in that, no?
Amen brother.
Thank you for your encouraging words. We do seem to be on parallel paths. I think true artist's paths are not the easiest to walk but that is where you are lead. Keep up with your wonderful works, they continue to inspire.
yesterday I walked to the bankIt was a long walk down Purson road. Across the Desplains River with the forest presurves on both sides. I am new to the area. So it took some time to find it.
When I got to the bank a sealed vault like building with one door. After trying the door the police arrived. luckly my cane does not look like a gun!
They took down all the data on me. in case I got lost again. They took me home in a cage in back of the police car. I can visualize this small town papper headline,BLIND MAN ATTEMPS TO ROB BANK.
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