Saturday, June 16, 2007



For the last three weeks they have been here!
Creatures related to the fly. They look like a big pregnant bee. They beat on there body a mating call and fly about looking for fun. They are now at there peak..
All the other creatures eat them. In Lyons at a picknic a man eat 22 to get a T shirt! Even a flock of Sea Gulls flew in from the Ocean.

Yesterday on the trail to Riverside I could not even hear the birds I wore a dark green shirt and I am tall. After crossing the swinging bridge I was jumped by a band of them. I was not perticular interested in mating with them. After wipping them from me they departed noisely.
In six weeks their eggs will hatch in the tre43es. They will then fall to the ground. I am looking forward to that!
Note: the 17-year cicadas will make an appearance in eastern Iowa, northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and along the southern edge of Late Michigan. Dense populations of this brood (Brood XIII) will emerge in farm-edge woods along rivers as well as in suburban Chicago backyards and forest preserves.

Chuckle...... I understand what has bugged you Lloyd..... thanks for commenting on my blog.
Golly that bug is beautiful and ugly all in one package!

Glad you alerted me to posting the pic because it is quite interesting to see images of different 'living things' in varied parts of the world. :D
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