Friday, May 11, 2007



The god of the Tree said,“why not worship me.For the cross is made of Tree!You drive a nail and chop a trail.On me you tell this very tale!I give fruit to live.What do you give!Then do you my life take!Burn the leaves and limps I make.But then You do this to self!,So said the Tree ,“God Therefore must be a man!”and not a tree, Like me!
Somedays I feel I have lost it.

Blake's work is amazing. What a powerful mind. It appears the guy on the bottom here has lost it, too. Lost his robe, that is.
Thankyo my life is torn and in a battle to fight the forces of darkness
your cheery us kindly recieved
Have often have felt low after an exhibition. It takes such a lot for an artist to put themselves out there. Give yourself some gentle time and perhaps when you feel ready and are producing some new works you could follow up with some of the art lovers who came to your exhibition.
I just read a comment you left on LL's blog - you live in Chicago?
I lived in chicago in a cave now moved to the zoo in lyons
Lloyd Irving Bradbury said…
Hi thanks for viewing my blog i just moved from chicago to lyons. just across from riverside lawn in the forest preserve a foot bridge across tje desplains river leads to the hiverside village now i will roam the strip of forest on the banks of the river painting. natire is a gteat minidyrt to the spirit. one must walk around this area to really see what god has given us only 12 miles from chicao near the metra station at riverside i have a showing at the riverside libary until the end of this month
3:36 AM

Comment by Lloyd
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