Sunday, May 20, 2007


The Creation

This is my Creation
Long ago it was a sketch and Then I used pastel in the final picture in 1980. It was used in a dhow but never found its way home.

Here is another sight to see!
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I am a nixed meddia artist. Pastel is one of my favorite media True bright pagment produce
wonderful colors in portraits

I like Pastel as a media. It provides bright pigment colors. I will use it in my landscapes in my new series of Riverside lawn on the bank of the Desplains River

Thanks for the kind words, Lloyd.
Hi, Lloyd,

I like this picture. Reminds me of some of the stained glass water colors I like (don't know the real name, but this is what I call them) of my daughter's old picture books and my grandmother's children's Bible from the 19-teens.
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