Friday, May 18, 2007


My New Quest

The sperit of man must realize he is part
of nature
This image is self. which battles self interest verus the greater interests of the world.
I have drawn this sperit of Plant man. Wish I could make a T shirt with this on it.

Intriguing. What is it?

I SO wish I could see your art in person. Maybe some day. For, I live in New York
I am blog hopping and I enjoy looking at your blog. We have the same set up. Like your poetry and painting. Wish I can do both.
Lloyd Irving Bradbury said…
Hi thanks for viewing my blog i just moved from chicago to lyons. just across from riverside lawn in the forest preserve a foot bridge across tje desplains river leads to the hiverside village now i will roam the strip of forest on the banks of the river painting. natire is a gteat minidyrt to the spirit. one must walk around this area to really see what god has given us only 12 miles from chicao near the metra station at riverside i have a showing at the riverside libary until the end of this month
3:36 AM
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