Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Victorian idea for painting

Here I am in the buggy

After a walk in the woods, I came upon this home. I dreamed of this lady in hrt garden.

yes this house really exists only three blocks from me on a dead end street!

Now that I have the characters of my painting Now beegins the story!

I love that house, and the woman in the garden. Your new ideas are exciting. Am looking forward to seeing what this new environment inspires in your work.

Understand about getting organized. For me it always take time to establish new work patterns when I move.
what a great little home. I would love to see you paint your dream.
Thanks it is truly a dream to walk around my new home here at the Zoo. No Zebras yet. I can not beleave this home even the outside reaks of the civil war. near the desplain river was a civil war fort. But noone so far know about this house! It is located on a floo9od plain. with wild life all arounf it. A hidden treasure.
I love it. Reminds me of the artwork I used to see in my grandmother's books. How my imagination took flight with those images!
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