Sunday, April 01, 2007


moving from the cave to the zoo

moving from the cave to the zoo
On April 6 we are moving from Chicago to Lions ILonious
I have too much stuff. The funiture is junk.Too many books. Too many collectibled.
Art supplies up the zing,zang and all the others needs to survive. Oh how will I do this in a week!

I wish you well with your move. It's amazing what can be achieved when you know it's the right direction. My prayers are with you, The Artist
Looking forward to hearing how your move is going.

Am auctioning my apartment on April 28th. Will have people looking over Easter.

Spent this afternoon wrapping paintings. Am beginning to pack and put things in my storeroom. Already the place feels like it doesn't belong to me.
So excited you are going to somewhere quiet with real trees. Look forward to seeing how your work evolves in your new peaceful home. Take care and hope all goes well with the furniture and setting up your computer.

My auction sign went up today. They have done a good job.
Best of luck with your move!! It's amazing to realise how much 'stuff' we collect as we live our lives...such a shame to discover this at moving time...
Your new place sounds wonderful, especially your gallery.

Looking forward to some photos when you finally come up for air.
Are you going somewhere with trees? That'll be nice, if so. Maybe even worth the pain of moving...
Hi Lloyd, do hope your moving has gone well. I have a special surprise for you on my site under `Thinking Blogger Awards'.
Must be wonderful to be back near nature again. My home is up for auction next weekend. Hope for some exciting plans soon as well.
Seen any zebras yet? :)
So wonderful to know you have moved to such a wonderful place and already have an exhibition to work towards. You truly deserve these doors to open.

My property did not sell at auction, but is still on the market. The right person for this place just hasn't turned up yet.
How wonderful to have the exhibition underway. It is all so exciting, such a new and special beginning.
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