Wednesday, February 28, 2007



I am now at My home at Computeledge. The day wasd tree years ago when Vyto brought me here. I was introduced to Lloyd aned Marija as friends. They both loved me. . Vyto was not quite sure he wanted me. Marija told him that I could guard his belovered computers.ok., to him that sounded llogical. Thre days later I became very sick. I starteded bleeging every way. I looked a wreck. All of us agreed. late at night we must do something. We found a vet that worked 24 hours around the clock. I was dying when Marija held me in a box on here lap as we rushed to the vet . After a long time we arrived at the partialy lite animal hospital. WE search for an open door. finding a side door we went in. a nurse and looked at me. she said you must leave me. In the next 24 hours will tell if he surves. Marija , They left me at the hospital thinging I woul give up my ghost.I hear a noise in the alley I must investigate will paw you again...Linux

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