Wednesday, January 24, 2007


An Introduction to a New Neighbor

Sees the world a little differently. His Art is not quite abstract, shape and vivid colors become reality. His pictures are filled in from memory and imagination. Lloyd is a self-taught artist. He strives to enhance his world around himself and others ...My active web site..
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(alt="runner by Lloyd Irving Bradbury-all rights reserved")

I think I would agree with Aristotle in regard to your football career. But you were given other gifts. Your art is such a precious gift, and shares a journey of real power and truth, with best wishes, The Artist
self-taught artist? wow! that is so cool. i don't know how to draw
Hei Lloyd,
For a self-taught artist, your work is really really good. I have not finished browsing over your other blogs and posts but I enjoy your what I have read and seen so far :)
Calling over to wish you well on a hot afternoon, best wishes, The Artist
I see a wise and patient god emerging from the apparent chaos of sight and touch in the picture you are holding. I could stare at that piece all day!
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