Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Hi Lloyd, a very special Christmas Greeting from Christchurch, New Zealand. Am grabbing a few moments on the computer before my nephew wakes up. Have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing your work growing in strength in the new year, best wishes, The Artist.
Hi Lloyd,
Your picture perfectly depicts the background-depicts what was under the windows of psychiatric hospital, where Art rehabilitation club Modus Vivendi ( gathers to celebrate.

Something wet and cold looks indeed ugly, and the daylight is more than pale currently. Yes, but we didn’t mention that. Severe weather is our best friend because we recognize in the blows of the sharp wind as the analogy to the unwillingness of others to accept such people like we, who are crowned with our diagnosis until death, so the magic of the divine spirit that is potent to change everything around and that joins our hands in love- and nothing more has any worth. We aren’t alone. Merry Christmas
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